There shall be examinations at the end of each semester i.e December /April of the year.  The duration of the end-semester examination shall be three (3) hours. A student who does not pass the examination in any of the course(s) shall be permitted to appear in such failed course(s) in the subsequent semester examinations. No student shall be permitted to register for a subsequent examination without having registered at the first appearance. The rules and regulations prevailing in the University in respect of all courses will be followed.

Suplementary Examination

A failed student who meets the attendance requirement may be permitted to register for the next end- semester examination in the following semester itself.  Students who have failed due to insufficient attendance and /or less than 40% Internal Assessment marks should repeat the course as and when offered.

Passing Minimum

To pass a course the student must secure minimum of 40 out of 100 marks (40%) in the internal and the end semester examination put together.

Pattern of Examination

The End-Semester examination for each course in a Program of Study shall be conducted by the Pondicherry University for maximum of 75 marks and Internal Continuous Assessment for 25 marks. The scheme of pattern and model question papers are to be hosted in College web site.