Science Lab


The Institute of Management has latest facilities provided  in science lab equipments for practical subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Visual Communication. Various lab materials meant for Physics practical  classes including transistor power supply with digital display, spectrometer, microprocessor, Sonometer, Potentiometer etc. Similarly for Chemistry practical classes, equipments like Chromatography , calorimeter, viscometer, stalagmometer etc. It helps students to enhance and widen learning knowledge in the field of experimental science,

Computer Lab


The college has latest computer facilities provided to the graduate students. Computer in each lab are networked to form a LAN which, in turn, are connected through a WAN providing Internet and Intranet in each lab. It helps students to enhance and widen learning knowledge in the field of computer science, besides in- depth knowledge of the vast computer domain. 

Student Counselling


The College has provided counselors to all department students. The  professionally  qualified counselor  is responsible for helping students to enhance in  academic, career, personal and social skills.

Job Opportunity


Our main responsibility is to motivate, train and prepare the students of the college for campus interviews. Placement officer identifies skilled students and train them by the subjects experts to participate in various job position. We assure the career placement in Central Government, state Government and Private companies through our placement Cell. Separate Coaching classes for UPSC Exams, Chartered Accounts Exams, Defense category Exams etc. will be taught by the subject experts in week end holidays. The program provides necessary training to make students fit for the present need to the world.

Industrial Visits


During the first and second- year Tie-ups have been arranged with       giant organizations for students of various  disciplines of Aditya to visit relevant organizations. In- plant training is also organized as per norms.

Sports Activities


The college  has  provided  best sports  ground with essential facilities for  the students. Students can utilize Tennis, Shuttle Ball badminton,  Foot Ball and Basket Ball etc.